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 Party Bueno
  Dec 27 2013, by everybody
To conclude the series of 12 monthly games, this final one is about a great party that everybody in the world helped create.

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 Bridge, Please!
  Dec 27 2013, by molkman & Majus & Matisse
I got 99 problems, but a bridge ain't one.

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  added October 7 2012, by the nose
Red Riding Hood is about to go a-skippin' by the forest to check out grandma.

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Fire On The Partybridge
Friday, December 27, 2013
written by molkman
It's the end of the year and post-Christmas time and still our 2 remaining monthly games for the year aren't up on exotworking? Not anymore!

Come check out our November game Bridge, Please! in which you play a bridge. *cough*

Then, alas, the grande finale of our stream of 12 games for this year is Party Bueno! This game concludes the series with a huge party in which everybody in the world could create partygoers to help celebrate game making and life.

I think that's it for this year! Merry belated christmas and see you in the next year with new cool things and people.

Friday, November 8, 2013
written by molkman
Because of everything being super busy, we haven't managed to put our latest works up here until now. In fact, there are three new additions and finally, after what seems like a gazillion years, we have a new film up as well!

In our ongoing OneGameAMonth ambition, you can now play our two latest games for the months September and October, which are Shapes 'n Mates and Stagediver - World tour, a four player party edition of our original Dwayne York game. In the flicks corner, exotworking's Anselm Pyta created a little tribute to The Simpsons that you can now watch here.

Coming up next is our game for the month November. After that, our final monthly game will be a very special thing, we'll post precise info on that issue soon. Stay tuned.
Monday, August 19, 2013
written by molkman
Marius and I spent the last few days of the friendly month of August creating a little brawler game called Brawlin' Sailor.Give it a shot and dive into a uppercut and buttbump filled adventure!

See you guys next month.
Monday, August 19, 2013
written by molkman
Our game for the month of July is called Pan Man and we finished that one just 30 minutes before the month closed down. It's about pancakes and them being flipped around by some kind of mad crazy dude.

Spacemen In Space
Friday, July 5, 2013
written by molkman
Hey Jacks and Jocks! Our game for this month is A Second Chance and in this one, you have the great responsibility to safely guide astronauts to glory and save the world. Roger that, fancypants!
A Stroll Through Wolfetowne
Sunday, June 9, 2013
written by molkman
Our game for the month of May is here now too! Give it a shot, it's called Moon Waltz and is a wild one-button-game about wolfin' around like crazy. Woof woof!
Collect Undies!
Sunday, May 19, 2013
written by molkman
Hey, with super-delay, you can finally play our latest monthly game Dwayne York: Stagediver on our site as well. It's about stagediving, as the title playfully suggests. Cheers.
Adventurous Bearding Time!
Wednesday, March 27, 2013
written by molkman
Hello mats and mattes, it's the end of March and it is our duty to finally bring our latest monthly game to the public. This time we did a little adventure-type game with the fine folks over at Double Fine, celebrating the occasion of Tim Schafer hosting the GDC Awards once more.

When your cursor icon changes on this text, click it to get guided smoothly to the very game we're talking about!

Also, these releases run under the fresh name of Major Bueno, you might want to head on down there, there's a party goofin' off all the time!
Mash Some Keys For Musical Glory!
Tuesday, March 5, 2013
written by molkman
Good day, people and peoplettes! In our crazy ongoings to create at least one new game each month, you can now check out our second installment, entitled Drop A Beat, Giuseppe! in which you help the fancy pianist Giuseppe Fortissimo hit it con passione!
Thumbs Up For New Years Game!
Monday, January 7, 2013
written by molkman
Hello and welcome to the new year, cats and cassettes! To kick of this new era of time, we've got a brand spankin' new game for you. It was done as a part of the IndieSpeedrun GameJam rocketpals Majus, Sabrina and me participated in. So give this jazz a go by pointing your cursor to this hyperlink: Clickety-clack! The game features everyone's favourite Roman Broman Mad G Caesar and all his friends.

Ave, G-Sar!
Lucky Tower II Arrives!
Thursday, December 13, 2012
written by molkman
Hello thar, kids and cats! It's been floating around your interwebs now for a while already and finally it's here on our local domain as well. No talking around anymore, our hugestest project to date, Lucky Tower 2 is here after all.

Not much more to say besides that you can now use your fingers to give this juicy game a spin. Ain't that some sweet seasonal greetings in gaming-form right there?

See you in 2013 with more cool beans and jeans!
Lucky Tower II Trailer
Thursday, October 25, 2012
written by molkman
Hey folks, because the arrival of our huge project Lucky Tower 2 is very close, we threw together a cool trailer to get you in the mood. Watch it below!

The Visit Finally Here And Polished!
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
written by molkman
Hello! Our Hackathon GameJam game The Visit that we did a few months back is finally here to be played by everyone. We even managed to freshen up the graphics and add in dandy sound and music for you, friends.

So head over to the interwebs temple of mirage where anemones play The Visit.
Another Red Riding Hood Flick Arrives!
Sunday, October 7, 2012
written by molkman
Good day, fellow homefries! There's another new short animation ready, this time by crazyface Anselm Pyta (the nose), but yet again the topic is Red Riding Hood. Check out the film with an extra gloom and doom right here.

This is another line informing you about the close arrival of Lucky Tower II.
New Short And Lucky Tower II News
Monday, September 24, 2012
written by molkman
This just in; there's a short new animation ready for your feelings to be turned upside down. This hyperlink will lead you the way.

In super extremely exciting other news, our hugestest game Lucky Tower II is almost complete! We will, in just a few days time, be starting to test it and ready everything up. Sweet!
Days Of Yore 2 Is Here!
Wednesday, May 9, 2012
written by molkman
Okay, enoguh talkity talk. Days Of Yore 2 is here after all! Ready for you to watch and think about afterwards like crazy. You should make sure to watch the craze-tastic first episode in the series before giving the second one a go.

Up next is Lucky Tower 2 which is doing some major leaps towards completion. That's it for today, kids and cats!

Crazy Activities Going On
Friday, April 13, 2012
written by molkman
Although we sadly didn't manage to release something new this year, there in fact are alot of nice things going on right now.

While our huge project Lucky Tower 2 is coming along super well and has reached something like 80% of completion, animation sequel Days Of Yore 2 is entirely done, but sadly still needs some tiny updates that lead to crazy delays so far.

So hold your horses, rad stuff is on its way!
Happy Christmess!
Sunday, November 20, 2011
written by molkman
So, apparently we don't have any new content and especially no new Christmass-esque stuff for you this year, sadly. We're working hard on projects like Lucky Tower 2 and Days Of Yore 2 and also other non-flash work that didn't give us the opportunity to crank up something seasonal this year.

I guess it's time to check out our old seasonal Flash then, if you wish to spend some seasonal time right here. There's for example the 5 years old Christmas Special animation for nostalgia purposes, or the even older Santa's Revenge and Whack A Plane. For more recent seasonals, you can check back to Santa's Bolshevist Clampdown, which involves crazy commies. And for our probably most popular christmas hit, you surely need to point your eyes at Santa Borrows A Guitar! We've just now put it onto Your Tube as well, so you might want to spread the word there too.

Have a nice Holiday!
What's To Come!
Sunday, November 20, 2011
written by molkman
Good Day! Because there weren't any noticeable changes since the release of DaVinci, here's a quick wrapup on what meals of pleasure are being cooked right now. First of all, there is of course our biggest project so far, Lucky Tower 2, which is coming along rather nicely, but will unfortunately take us some additional time. We painfully missed Lucky Tower's first birthday as a release date, sadly. On the other hand, Days Of Yore 2 is more or less close to completion and is therefore making great progress.

So stay on the lookout for new things, for they're not too far away!
Fulfillment Through Delicious Inventions
Monday, September 19, 2011
written by molkman
Inhabitants of the Earth and Venus! Today we can proudly intone the song that marks the arrival of our newest game! The name is DaVinci's Skycycle Chase Of Eternal Glory featuring everyone's favourite history badass Leo DaVinci!

Let it sink in and this incredible take on your food munching reflexes and braincells will blow your mind!
Unicorns, Dragons and All You Want!
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
written by molkman
People! Our newest flick, Unicorn Wish Battle is here and you are now free to put it in front of your eyes and let the pleasure enter your brain! It's also on our YouTube channel and you can dive into the entertaining world of breathtaking 16:9 there, if you want to. (You want to)

Also our new minigame, called DaVinci's Skycycle Chase is right around the corner! It's just chilling a little on Flashgamelicense.com for sponsor people to look at. Lucky Tower 2 is in crazy production right now too, so we'll be posting first pictures and stuff as soon as there are some. Stay tuned, elephant-friends!
Info On Upcomingness!
Friday, June 3, 2011
written by molkman
Hello everyone, since there weren't much updates in the past weeks (none, if you count 'em), here's a quick overview on what's brewing in the funky-kitchen right now! First of all, the whole exotworking gang is working on the sequel of our indie smash hit Lucky Tower. Everything's coming along nicely and we'll go into production real soon, so get set for work in progress info extravaganza here!

Other things are being cooked right now too, of which you will be equipped with insight in the next sentence. The nose is making a small game at the moment which should draw to a close any day. I am working on a new animation together with lips athlete Dragamex on the mic. We hope to finish that in June. But fate is cruel, so who knows.

Don't forget our delicious Youtube channel could still use some attention from you. There's even psychological reward, because cupcakes await at the end of every tunnel of strain!
New Cartoon and Youtube
Satureday, March 26, 2011
written by molkman
Hey guys! We have just put out a new little animation! It's called You Roast My Beef and it is watchable right here! The cartoon is kind of a sequel to our 2008 animation You Pop My Corn so be sure to check back to that too for reminiscence fun.

We also updated our Youtube account, so make sure to befriend us there and leave a comment or subscribe for updates. We uploaded some of our films and we'll continue to do so. You can already check out Hyperborea in super HD, Days Of Yore and You Roast My Beef there and even some old shit. See you there!
To Hyperborea, Everyone!
Satureday, February 5, 2011
written by molkman
Lo and behold, lousy companions! We are proud to provide you guys with another new release here at exotworking. This time, the nose has finally finished work on his new animation opus. The name is Hyperborea and you should take a look at it instantly. It's a atmospheric and a little experimental cartoon about a lot of things told in 7 minutes.
New Year River Rush!
Monday January 3, 2011
written by molkman
So this year starts with a little game done during the Newgrounds Game Jam December 28-30. It's a simple and short game called Eskimo River Rush about unfreezing animals. Go for it now!
That sure is one lucky month!
Wednesday, October 27 2010
written by molkman
And here you go! The third and last game of our Exotworking October Triple Feature, Lucky Tower has just arrived at the interwebs for you all to pleasure around with. It features crazy art from the nose and programming from me as well as some kick-ass voicacting from Dragamex who has worked with us quite some times now in the past.
Catgame ready now too!
Friday, October 22 2010
written by molkman
Hello people! Our second game in the exciting annual Exotworking October Triple Feature, the amazing Catgame, done together with the handsome Yotam Perel is now available for everyone on the interwebs!

The remaining third piece of the stunning puzzle, Lucky Tower, should be seeing the light of day next week. Hold your horses!
Ebul finally here. Catgame coming!
Tuesday, October 12 2010
written by molkman
The game I did for the Casual Gameplay Design Competition Numero 8, Ebul, is finally available here and all over the web. And not only is this game finally here, but also our two other games that are finished will hit the web really soon. Catgame, the game from Yotam Perel and me is set to release someday during next week. The third game, Lucky Tower from the nose and me, will be released a few weeks after that.
New Animation And New Game!
Friday, August 6 2010
written by molkman
From the still ongoing productivity of the Tournament Of Flash Artists 2010 comes another animation, this time called "Days Of Yore", everybody! Today medieval themed and again with crazy voicacting from Dragamex.

But don't leave yet! Not only is there this bespoken new animation, but I also did a funky puzzle platformer game for the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8 (theme: sandbox), called "Ebul". The game is not yet available here on exotworking, because the competition is still ongoing. So in the meantime, play it over at JIG and join the hatin' on the puzzle design.

We also got two new games ready; one entirely completed, Cat Game and another, Lucky Tower in the final stage of development!
Another New Animation! Can You Dig It?
Monday, July 14 2010
written by molkman
Hello again, persons! There's another new animation ready for you to enjoy. Dig that, buttmunch! Who expected that? Nobody! It's another entry to this years TOFA still happening over at Albino Blacksheep. "Will it be the last animation for another three years?" Of course not, poolboy!

So, enough talking for now, soak up that swagger, as if it was Jesus resurrecting!
New Animation! And More To Come!
Monday, June 28 2010
written by molkman
Hey fellows! Finally after gazillions of years, we have a new animation ready for you after all! It's part of the Turnament of Flash Artists of 2010 happening over at Albino Blacksheep. Go check it out here.

And in the very near future, there should be a new game, a collaboration with Lazymuffin and most likely some new animations on top of that as well as a game from us of which you can see a screenshot in the news post below and in the lab.
Official EW actionous band and updates!
Tuesday, February 23 2010
written by molkman
For another long time there has been no new moves on our site, sadly. But fear not, in the meantime, until we have new pop cultural foods for you, you might want to waste some time on the now official exotworking themesong band that is on its way to achieving new heights in intensified musical pleasure!

In other news, here is a screenshot of one of our projects in the pipeline at the moment.
What's been happening lately, bro?
Wednesday, May 27 2009
written by molkman
For a long time now we haven't had no news update, but we had some updates, actually. Two new games and one movie have arrived and slipped through without news post mention.

There we have Blerque, the latest film from the nose, which is about 4 minutes long. It is also the first new cartoon in ages. The two games are Actionpals, which I did together with Ukinojoe. It ran in the Newgrounds PicoDay 2009 contest. The other game was a collaboration with Jeff and is a simple competitive minigames collection. Over here.

In other news, we have picked up work on cool projects again and should be releasing stuff at a quicker pace again hopefully.
Santa saves the day!
Thursday, December 25 2008
written by molkman
Just in time for christmas, I finished a little new seasonal game called Santa's Bolshevist Clampdown. Check it out while it's hot.

We're currently also working on a new design for the site; it should be done early next year. Merry christmas and a happy new year! Now play the game.
You surely pop my corn, baby!
Tuesday, November 18 2008
written by molkman
Oh Lordy, I have just released my new weekly animation! So we finally get to release some media more regularily than we have thus far this year. It is called You pop my corn. You should immediatly go and watch it now. It prolly is worth it.

In other news, I picked up work on the new design for this very interwebs site here. Ontop of all the new arrived goodness, we are going to release a new chalkboard animation very soon, it is already finished, only sounds and voices need to be added. Hang on.